Why Singing Is Good For Health

Singing as one of the ideal forms of entertainment significantly contributes to the totality of a person’s wellbeing. Aside from providing the pleasure and winning the crowd’s approval, singing is a healthy and engaging activity. Learn more how this favorable enjoyment endows life with an added zest!


Singing promotes happiness. Every time we sing, it gives us an elated feeling of happiness. Also, singing releases endorphins, the pain and stress-relieving hormones that give us a euphoric state of mind. With high endorphin levels, there will reduce feelings of pain and the negative effects of stress will be lessened. When we feel down or burdened with difficulties, or simply in the midst of heartache blues, singing is a great means to release those emotional loads.


Singing perks up an upbeat atmosphere! The bond with friends and family during karaoke gatherings uplift our spirits into more positive, energized outlook. Not only do you have the chance to croon out your winning piece of songs, but you can also encourage everyone to sing with you. Singing improves one’s mood. When you hold the microphone and get to groove with the music, you can surely create a contagious motivating environment where everybody has an all-out performance!


Singing strengthens immunity. Singing may bolster the immune system. You heard it right! Once engaged in a relaxing activity like singing, the body positively responds, since there is an increasing concentration of immunoglobin A (antibodies) and hydrocortisone (anti-stress hormone) in the bloodstream. Healthy levels of these components animate the body, mind, and spirit, resulting in a more active lifestyle. So sing your heart out into a burst of increased immunity and stress-free way!


Singing enhances competence. Aside from being an effective emotional therapy, singing increases physical capacity too. It aids lung development and strengthening. Daily singing routine exercises your lungs to take in more air and hold it longer. It is an ideal activity to increase your lung capacity and control breathing effectively. Moreover, frequent singing shapes your social competency. It boosts self-confidence, composure, and skills. As a great way of bringing people together, it simply creates a dynamic social connection that enriches our personality and rapport. What an ageless enjoyment!


Singing boosts intelligence. Singing is also a great way of enhancing brainpower! How? Regular singing activity refines your intelligence as it strengthens your memory and communication skills. When you sing, you carefully pronounce the lyrics by the beat. Not only are you enthused to mimic the performance of the artist, but you are also broadening your vocabulary. There are words that you encounter which are new to your sense, and it gradually turns your keenness to look for the meaning and expand your understanding. Engaging in singing is indeed a smart choice.

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