Our approach to music is very different. Our teaching not just helps them learn, it also makes them understand music and come up with new ones.



For a musician what is better than performing to live audience? Get the opportunity to perform in live concerts.

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These people really take music seriously. They have a very different approach which enables them to learn, understand and create music. The live concert opportunities help to improve the confidence.

– Cristofer


How to Use Guitar and Singing Lesson Software

Learning how to play the guitar or how to sing better can be such a great experience. Not only does music help the mind and soul it can become an addictive pastime that keeps people out of trouble!

But learning how to play guitar can be difficult without the right tools. There are a lot of nuances with guitar training and learning to sing and playing music in general. If you’re not well versed, well taught and well practiced you may not become as good as you potentially are. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose wisely when learning guitar or another musical instrument.

If you choose to go the route of online guitar and singing lessons then you’re like me. You want to learn at your own pace, on your own time/schedule and without all the boring nonsense that can sometimes come with music lessons. If you decide to go through a guitar teacher or music school then you might as well get used to learning things you may not find too exciting.

Both approaches to guitar training work and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Which you one choose really depends on your goals and personal preference.

But regardless of what method you choose to teach yourself guitar you have to know that there is one piece of software that you cannot live without – guitar and vocal training software. This is a piece of software that makes it a breeze to learn guitar. It doesn’t matter if you’re with a guitar instructor or online lessons, guitar learning software can be your greatest asset. It is chock full of great stuff designed to help the aspiring guitar player really master their craft.

You should try out some guitar learning software as soon as you begin your training. It will make finding notes and and learning scales and guitar chords so much easier. And if you can learn those fundamentals fast enough, you’ll get on to really playing proper music in no time. Make sure you’re praciting everyday. The best software to learn guitar has been debated by many different guitar enthusiasts. Again, they all have pros and cons and so it’s up to you to really decide what’s best for your situation.

Guitar learning software can be some very helpful stuff when you’re first starting out. Don’t neglect it and you’ll master the guitar in absolutely no time at all.

Surprising Benefits of Vocal Training

Vocal Training

Better Posture
One of the many fundamental aspects a vocal teacher will observe is posture. Posture is vital in vocal as it determines your breathing capacity. A hunched posture, on the other hand, will not only limit your breathing capacity but obstruct your vocal cords as well. It is just harder to sing when in a bad posture. Your vocal teacher will first tend to correct your position which will slowly become a habit and stay you with in life. Improved posture helps decline back pain and aches as well.

More Confidence
Building off the previous benefit, possessing a tall and good posture can instantly make you feel more confident when singing in front of crowds. It is natural even for the most confident and outgoing individuals to experience a little anxiety before going on stage. The presence of stress can be traced back to the fear of people giving bad judgments. This is particularly true in the case of on-stage singers as they are being judged on something entirely personal, their voice. Indulging in vocal training can help you overcome fear and build self-confidence.

Less Stress and Increased Mental Awareness
Another aspect good vocal teacher observes breathing. A singer will be able to perform better, gain better tone and power while sustaining it if breathing is proper and full form the diaphragm. Vocational training involves learning breathing exercises, and just like posture, those techniques and practices will become a habit in time, and you will find yourself breathing deeper even if you are not singing. Deep breathing is scientifically proven to enlighten your mood, relieve stress and increase mental awareness, concentration and memory capacity as elevated levels of oxygen flow into the brain and other vital organs. Deep breathing can help your performance, music career and life as well.

Better Connection with Your Audience
There are plenty of singers with amazing voices out there, but what makes a certain few favorites among the crowd? The performance of the singers is what adds to their voices. Great singers can convey their uniqueness and personality through their voice. If you can control your voice accordingly, you don’t need to spend much time and effort worrying about your tone, whether you are hitting that high note or controlling the dynamics of your voice. All of this will flow naturally, while you can work on your performance. You can distinguish yourself from the rest of the singers by developing your sound, conveying the emotion of the song through your voice while adding little nuances that are uniquely you.